Bees Nest Maclava Sugar Sauce


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Bees Nest Extracts Maclava Sugar Sauce is Nug Run. Hybrid

Maclava is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the classic Mac1 X Lava Cake strains. If you’re a fan of hybrids that pack a super delicious flavor and a high level of potency, look no further than Maclava. With its borderline addictive taste and super high average THC level, Maclava is the perfect hard-hitting ride from start to finish. You’ll feel the onset pretty quickly, rushing into your mind with energy and focus before lifting you into an outgoing and sociable state. As your mind and motivation expand, your body will start to drop off into a sedated state that keeps you anchored and pretty much couch-locked. With these effects and its high THC level, Maclava is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as cramps or muscle spasms, depression, headaches or migraines, chronic stress and ADD or ADHD. This bud has a rich chocolaty flavor with a lightly spicy exhale and a hint of citrus fruits. The aroma is very similar, although with a heavy flowery overtone that’s accented by rich herbs and earth. Maclava buds have conical small neon green nugs with long thin amber hairs and a coating of matching crystal trichomes.

1 Gram glass container.