Big Chillin Sticky Stripz Gummies 2000mg Indica


BV: 25

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Sticky Stripz Infused Gummy Candy | 2000mg THC Per Pack | INDICA

Big Chillin’ – Pina Colada

Sticky Stripz are made to be consistent and tastyyyy! With 10 different flavors, you can enter the Shadow Realm, ride your high with Kylie, or relax with the Rush Hour babes! All you gotta do is get ready for the Sticky experience! Sticky Stripz are TRULY INFUSED‼️ That means it ain’t ever sprayed on or injected into the gummy. Sticky hand crafted 10 of the STICKIEST, STRONGEST, and most EXOTIC flavors for all your taste bud needs. ⁠

Big Chillin’ – Pina Colada


  • 2 Gummy Candy Stickz Per Pack 
  • 10 pieces total (5 pieces per strip) 200mg per piece (1000mg per strip)
  • 10 Unique Dank Flavors
  • All Flavors are Hybrid


*These may melt in warmer weather. If melted, refrigerate for a few hours then enjoy.

Please Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets.

Instructions for use: Be responsible. Consume a moderate serving. 

Activation time: 15 min-2 hours. Duration: 2 – 5 hours.