600mg THC|CBD Infused Jammin’ Jellies


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BV: 20

Jammin’ Jellies adult fruit snacks are loaded with THC & CBD and are made using CannaSense’s own Duct Tape, Triple T and Vanilla Frosting Strains. Each gummy is loaded with 60mg of Happiness and Good Vibes providing for the ultimate Pain & Anxiety Relief!

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CannaSam 600mg Jammin’ Jellies adult fruit snacks are made using CannaSense’s own Triple T, Duct tape and Vanilla Frosting Strains making them the Ultimate Relaxing Good Time. Each gummy provides a 60mg powerful punch of both THC & CBD so they are perfect for relieving pain and stress. Each pack contains 600 mgs and comes in a variety of flavors including strawberry, green apple, blue raspberry, cherry and starburst pink. Jammin’ Jellies are made using a few simple ingredients including gelatin, Jello and raw coconut oil, making them the perfect low fat, High potency, infused edible snack. They’re even Gluten Free!