HoneyComb Clear THC Syrup 500mg


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Honeycomb Clear THC Syrup – High Potency

Honeycomb THC syrup consists of cannabis concentrate, purified water and added flavors. Its texture is similar to that of a thick cough syrup and the effects are similar to traditional cannabis edibles. Onset times and effects will vary based on your consumption method and other factors, such as your tolerance level and how much food is in your stomach at the time of consumption. Honeycomb THC syrup has similar effects and a slightly quicker onset time compared to traditional baked edibles.

This THC syrup is highly-concentrated, so new users should exercise caution and start with a very small dose.

Each bottle contains 500mg. 1 Fl Oz bottle – 2, 250mg doses.

Ingredients: Purified Water, CAT 3 Distillate, flavoring