(Hybrid) Castle Rocks 1:2 THC:CBD


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BV: 40

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4.5%Total THC 8.9%Total CBD

If you liked Castle Champion, you will LOVE the Castle Rocks phenotype of Castle Champion.  The “Castle Rocks” phenotype offers a slightly Sativa dominant hybrid experience, the generally large buds are more dense and aromatic than the Castle Champion phenotype and shares a few similarities with it’s cousin strain “Space Force – George Washington’s Vision”, one of which is that it too is named after an advocate for freedom; A Hero in his own right who believes in and stands up for everyones right to heal themselves naturally using cannabis.

Mostly large buds, infused with scents of Pine, Cleaning Solvents (similar to strains like “Kaboom” and “Jacks Cleaner”), Eucalyptus and a hint of Citrus. “Castle Champion – Castle Rocks pheno” has a diverse genetic background, having come from a crossing of “Vegan Safari” and “Mazar Golden Karat”. TOP’s ancestors include ancient landrace strains such as Mazar-I-Sharif, Columbian Gold, Durban Poison and Aculpulco Gold; along with famous strains such as Cinderella99, Jack Herer, Northern Lights #5, Skunk #1 and more.

Sun Grown Organic; Pesticide Free

1/4oz Hybrid

*Hybrid strains occur when expert breeders select the best sativa and indica strains and crossbreed them. Hybrids are frequently bred with other hybrids and can be sativa or indica dominant. So, depending on the dominant strain, they will have similar effects to their dominant strain. Hybrid strains are the best of both worlds for many patients. Hybrid strains are a cross of two or more strains of cannabis, allowing the patient to get the desired effects of both Indica and sativa strains in one hybrid strain. For example, let’s say a patient has arthritis pain but needs to medicate before work each day. A hybrid strain would allow him to reap the benefits of Indica’s pain relief without becoming too drowsy.