(Hybrid) Evergreen D.E.W.


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BV: 40

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17.9%Total THC 0.1%Total CBD

Pine and spruce scents abound. effects lean slightly towards the Sativa side.

Sun Grown Organic; Pesticide Free

1/4oz Hybrid

*Hybrid strains occur when expert breeders select the best sativa and indica strains and crossbreed them. Hybrids are frequently bred with other hybrids and can be sativa or indica dominant. So, depending on the dominant strain, they will have similar effects to their dominant strain. Hybrid strains are the best of both worlds for many patients. Hybrid strains are a cross of two or more strains of cannabis, allowing the patient to get the desired effects of both Indica and sativa strains in one hybrid strain. For example, let’s say a patient has arthritis pain but needs to medicate before work each day. A hybrid strain would allow him to reap the benefits of Indica’s pain relief without becoming too drowsy.

2 reviews for (Hybrid) Evergreen D.E.W.

  1. 5 out of 5

    This was definitely a case where it was imperative that I trust more than my sense of smell alone. In the description the smell is described as a combination of pine and spruce but I found it to be a bit more offensive than that. If you’ve ever had the privilege of sampling strains like cheese or cat (a different word for pee) you will be in your wheelhouse with this strain because you trust more than just your nose. I found the effects to be a decent mix of indica and Sativa with the muscle relaxation around the eyes that follows shortly after lighting a bowl of good cannabis. Overall found it to be effective for muscle relaxation from spasm and moderate pain as well as allowing me to get a decent nights rest.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Evergreen DEW is one of my favorites out of my starter pack. it honestly does smell a bit like mountain dew or another citrus tasting drink. great taste make sure your pipe is clean or you may miss it. It has a powerful oder in comparison to a few others also it doesn’t take much..(and I prefer concentrates) the dew is definitely worth trying. no complaints. it very fluffy texture and it feels mostly like a sativa dominate hybrid. I would recommend anyone trying it out its worth it. im still searching for the perfect compact indica buds. for pain the dew works great.


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