Hyish Bit-O-Honey 100mg


BV: 18




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Hyish Infused Candy| Bit-O-Honey | 10mg Each | 10 pieces 

Hyish edibles offer a low dose high quality infused medicine that allows you to monitor and enjoy your experience without going overboard. This is great for beginner edible users, or experience users who wish to micro-dose as needed.

Mini twists of almond bits blended into a honey flavored taffy. As always, low in THC dose, but BIG in taste. Hyish Bit-0-Honey are soft and chewy bite sized treats full of sweet honey flavor! This candy is made with almond bits blended into honey flavored taffy. These classic treats are sure to be a favorite among young and old alike.

A chill body high that feels like being a kid laying in the grass on a warm sunny day.

  • 100mg total per can
  • 10 pieces total per can
  • 10mg total per piece
  • Full-Spectrum infused formula
  • Gluten Free

Instructions for use: Be responsible. Consume a moderate serving. 

Activation time: 15 min-2 hours. Duration: 2 – 5 hours.