(Indica>Hybrid) OG God’s Gift


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BV: 40

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23.4% THC

(OG Kush x God’s Gift)

Back-crossing God’s Gift (Granddaddy Purple x OG Kush) with OG kush has resulted in a plant which produces medium to large bright green buds with fiery orange hairs or “pistils”, matching its heavy OG Kush content but with denser bud structure. Strong Indica effects with scents of Fuel, Skunk, Motor oil and spice.

1/4oz (7 grams)  Sungrown Cannabis

Indicas are known to have more a sedative effect on the patient. Indica strains are ideal for alleviating the symptoms of patients suffering from insomnia and pain, but they also can alleviate symptoms of other diseases and disorders, such as:

Multiple sclerosis
Panic attacks
Chronic Pain

It is important to recognize that we each have our own unique body chemistry and that what works for one person may differ for the next.