(Indica>Hybrid) Purple Hindu Kush (Indoor)


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BV: 40

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Total THC: 16.116%  ((THCA*0.877)+THC)

Total CBD: 0.00%  ((CBDA*0.877)+CBD)

Total Cannabinoid Content by weight: 19.088% [18.141% THC+THCA | 0.00% CBD+CBDA | 0.417% CBGA+CBG | 0.530% CBCA+CBC | 0.000%  THCV-A]

A cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, Purple Hindu Kush is almost pure indica and offers the kind of high one would expect from its lineage: deep relaxation along with pronounced pain relief. Featuring dense lavender flowers with bright orange pistils and a thick blanket of trichomes, as well as a pungent sour grape and citrus flavor, PHK will be sure to please Indica lovers everywhere.  Purple Hindu Kush may seem similar to the strain “Jager”. That is because they are actually the exact same strain, but under different names. Purple Hindu Kush was once known as “Jager” in Oregon (and still is), until the folks who make Jagermeister had their lawyers send a letter to the breeder requesting a name change.

1/4oz (7 grams)  Cannabis Flower

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