(Indica>Hybrid) Purple Mountain Majesty


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BV: 40

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Total THC: 8.982%  ((THCA*0.877)+THC)

Total CBD: 0.00%  ((CBDA*0.877)+CBD)

Total Cannabinoid Content by weight: 10.437% [10.1361% THC+THCA | 0.00% CBD+CBDA | 0.00% CBGA+CBG | 0.1899% CBCA+CBC | 0.1113%  THCV-A]

A purple train wreck phenotype unlocked when Humboldt Seed Co crossed Train Wreck with the original Blueberry Muffin. They knew it was a“unicorn” from the beginning. Purple Mountain Majesty has a uniquely sweet smell and taste, mixed with notes of fresh pine. Its effects are evenly balanced, helping to provide gentle relief for both body and mind. As a balanced hybrid strain, Purple Mountain Majesty can be a wonderful choice for any time of day, whether that’s starting your morning with a journal entry or watching your favorite TV show in the evening. These buds are so dark purple, they are almost back, accentuated by fiery orange hairs.

1/4oz (7 grams)  Cannabis Flower

It is important to recognize that we each have our own unique body chemistry and that what works for one person may differ for the next.