Monster Mini Cookies 300mg


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Monster Minis Cannabis Infused Mini Cookies | 10 Cookies | 300mg Total | 30mg Per Cookie

Feed the Mini Monster in you with Mini Monster Cookies!

Mini Monster Cookies are the perfect balance of soft and crisp texture of a bakery cookie and packed with cannabis. Each cookie is 10mg per serving and infused with high quality cannabis. The texture and taste of these cookies are lovely, but the smooth clean high really takes the cake! (oops we mean cookie!)


300mg total per rope. Hybrid

Dosage Facts: Total dosage is 300mg THC,  servings 10 (30mg each).

60 minute activation time.

Please Note: These items may melt during warmer weather.


Hybrid Strain: when no specific strain information is provided, you can conclude the edible is made with a hybrid.