NATIV Bubble Hash 1g


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NATIV Extracts Bubble Hash – Available in Indica and Sativa – 1g

NATIV Extracts artists have outdone themselves with the NATIV elite line of hand crafted Bubble Hash. NATIV Bubble Hash was created to provide the cleanest connoisseur-grade concentration of quality and flavor available on the market. Potent, with lasting effect.

Bubble hash is a solventless concentrate made up of trichomes that are sifted through a series of screens in the presence of water and ice cubes. Bubble hash is also known as ice hash, ice wax, and water sift. These terms are used to describe different forms of bubble hash, but there are only subtle differences between the four.

The central goal of making bubble hash is to separate trichome glands from all other plant components. Trichomes are glandular appendages on the surface of the cannabis flower that produce and hold the plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and other molecules. The purpose of bubble hash is to remove all contaminant barriers between the user and the experience that trichomes provide.

Small batches, hand crafted in Venice California.

1 Gram Glass Container.