NaturalXtract CBD 200mg Full Spectrum Vape Cartidge


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NaturalXtract Full Spectrum CBD Cartridge 200mg

NaturalXtract is a market leading natural food products company. We manufacturer and sell cannabinoid-rich hemp oil products containing naturally occurring cannabinoids (CBC, CBD, CBG, CBN , CBDa).  Our proprietary extraction, isolation and lipid-modification technologies produces the cleanest and most consistent hemp oil extracts possible.  Our industry experience and knowledge of CBD makes us meticulous about our manufacturing process. NaturalXtract cannabinoid-rich hemp products are the highest quality available.

200mg Full Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridge with real cannabis strain terpenes

Ingredients:  200mg full spectrum CBD oil and Medium Chain Triglycride Oil(MTC) Base.
20% Organic CO2 extracted 200mg cannabinoids, 80% MCT (medium chain triglyceride oil) with Terpenes!!

How to Use: screw into any 510 connection vape battery, button or buttonless vape pen and puff away!

Facts: Made in America, 100% Natural Organic , Lab Tested

*We cannot make any claims on this product. The testimonials have said that this product may help with anxiety, seizures, indigestion, reducing tumors, and calming effects with no psychoactive ingredients.*