DLC ZenSense: Punchline – Sativa Dominant 1/4 oz


BV: 40

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Thanks to the witty activism of Daniel Louis Crumpton‘s flagship ZEN in the CAR podcast & platform, the mission and message of the CannaSense Total Wellness Collective has reached and simplified the simplicity of the Collective and the plant based medicine it provides to Americans from one coast to another. The first step on the path of wellness & recovery always begins with education, knowledge & the encouragement to act on the wisdom we have regarding our minds, bodies, emotions and spirits. Through the sharp and relentless humor of Team Zen’s streams, podcasts, writings & videos, members of our Collective have stayed informed, elevated and of course entertained on issues of responsible plant medicine use, as well as their protection and preservation in the humorous fashion we have come to expect. It is true that one of the best medicines, besides Cannabis, is laughter; and in keeping with that spirit, we all know that what comes after a joke is the Punchline! Vibrate in hilarity with Team ZEN in the CAR by partaking of this 3rd strain in the DLC family & Live Long in Laughter.

Total THC: 18.6845%  ((THCA*0.877)+THC)

Total CBD: 0.0827%  ((CBDA*0.877)+CBD)

Total Cannabinoid Content by weight: 21.6777% [21.236% THC+THCA | 0.0943% CBD+CBDA | 0.3474% CBGA+CBG | 0.0000% CBCA+CBC | 0.0000%  THCV-A]

1/4oz Sativa

**Sativas are well known for their ability to relieve symptoms, while still allowing the patient to go about their daily life without feeling too tired or “couch-locked.” Sativa strains are known to alleviate many of symptoms for diseases and disorders such as:

Low/no appetite
Glaucoma/Intro-ocular disorders
Chronic pain

It is important to recognize that we each have our own unique body chemistry, and that what works for one person may differ for the next.

When you consume a sativa strain you might feel: energized, thoughtful, focused, generally awesome and uplifted, with a stimulated head high. Sativas also have a lighter, more fruity aroma. In other words, if you want to be social, clean your house, have brilliant ideas, or manage to accomplish anything at all, sativas are your go-to. Sativas are also wonderful for physical activities and Rocky Mountain adventures.