STNDRD Cart Gods Vape and Battery Kit – 1g


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BV: 40

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STNDRD Cart Gods Advanced Kit |  1 gram Vape Cartridge  | 1 STNDRD Adjustable and Rechargeable Battery 

Established in Los Angeles, California, we deliver when it comes to providing you with the STNDRD of cannabis.  We  are known for our 1 gram cartridges that allow the consumer to get more for less. All our products have the most unique ultimate flavor and potency, STNDRD products is the industry leader in super premium cannabis oil products in California. All of our products are lab tested to ensure delivery of the highest-STNDRD of products to all cannabis connoisseurs and first time patients.

  • Premium Clear Distillate
  • 92% Potency 
  • All Natural
  • No Solvents
  • No PG/PEG/VG/Vitamin E
  • No Additives
  • Ultimate Flavor

Full Gram stainless steel and glass cartridge. 510 Thread. Wick-less.

1000ml fill/1 gram each


The STNDRD Battery is simple, sleek and adjustable. Green light 2.6v, blue light 3.3v, red light 4.0v

Every pen set comes with a rechargeable battery that fully charges in 1 hour.

Directions:  2 clicks to pre-heat, 1 click to stop pre-heat. Press and hold to smoke. If the light flashes while you are using it that indicates that your battery needs to be charged.