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Elevating and innovating the average vape pen by refining the product all the way down to where only the active compounds in the cannabis plant are left – cannabinoids and terpenes. The AWARD WINNING Monarch offers a triple refined, solvent free cannabis oil blended with our single source all natural cannabis derived terpenes, CDTs. Terpenes, the molecules responsible for marijuana’s smell and taste, have been shown to block some cannabinoid receptor sites in the brain while promoting cannabinoid binding in others. As a result, terpenes are believed to affect many aspects of how the brain takes in THC or CBD, while offering various therapeutic benefits of their own. In fact, while THC has gotten most of the attention, studies suggest many of the compounds in marijuana work together to produce a synergy of effects. This is known as the ‘entourage effect.’ The Monarch features a glass cartridge with dual coils for a better tasting and healthier experience. This unique offering boasts THC potency from 75-80% and provides patients a discreet, simple and easy-on-the-go medicated experience. Available in specific Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid varieties, The Monarch creates an unmatched vaping experience that provides
the same medical value as the actual genetic it represents.