Geronimo – Voice of the Four Winds


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Geronimo phenotype

Voice of the Four Winds (Grape Inferno x Vegan Safari)

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Voice of the Four Winds unites a combination of genetics from all Four Corners of the Earth. This particular phenotype is named in honor of the Native American Warrior and Medicine Man known by the name of “Geronimo”. Geronimo’s real name “Goyaałé” translates to “The One Who Yawns”. True to its namesake, Voice of the Four Winds Geronimo is well suited for day and night use, perfect either for running in the hills with a band of fellow warriors, or for relaxing peacefully. This Hybrid offers a strong balance between Indica and Sativa effects that leans towards the Indica side. Genetics include a variety of Legendary Strains such as: Acapulco Gold, Durban Poison, Cinderella99, Querkle, OG Kush, Space Queen, Nepali OG, and OG Kush. The name Voice of the Four Winds comes from a psychedelic Native American ceremonial-type music album by Dik Darnell.