Welcome Kit 8 – Non-Patient Member


35,930.97 USD/BTC
498.78 USD/BCH
157.65 USD/XMR

BV: 0

For those that would like to build a business, but don’t need the medicine, this is the option for you.

For your donation of $300, you can participate as a Full Member, but never have to receive medicine.

After deducting the Caregiver Fee and administrative expense, the remainder is donated to the Charity of your choosing.


This product can only be purchased by Caregivers looking to upgrade to Non Patient Member.
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Welcome to CannaSense! By purchasing a Welcome Kit 8, you are upgrading from ‘Caregiver’ to ‘Non-Patient Member’ and will have all of the benefits of the CannaSense program. As a non-patient member, not only do you receive a significant discount on in the store, but you are also able to access a whole other part of CannaSense: the Caregiver Program. By purchasing this welcome kit you are able to become a part of the team and refer new patients. Through our compensation plan, full members will receive referral commissions for sponsoring full members, as well as earning product purchase bonuses from patients and members whom they sponsor.

The Welcome Kit is available to all caregivers who want to upgrade to a member status. No kit except for Welcome Kit 8 will be sent without a valid recommendation. Please choose your charity that you want this order to go to. Each kit has a $300 value. Please do not add additional items to your cart when ordering a Welcome Kit.

Your membership status is updated upon the order being completed.