(Sativa) Durban Sweet Cookies -VS


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BV: 50

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16.5%Total THC 0.1%Total CBD

Vegan Safari is a very interesting cross with 4 phenotypes. Phenotype #1 “Vegan Sweet Cookies/Durban Sweet Cookies” tastes and smells of animal crackers and finishes around mid September to mid October. Phenotype #2 “Vegan Ginger snaps” finishes in mid to late October. Smells like animal crackers with hints of cinnamon or ginger spice. Phenotype #3, our favorite dubbed with the name “Wolverine” takes after Acapulco Gold and produces buds with a slightly musky and sweet smell like skunky cookies, hints of cinnamon.with an outstanding taste and high finishes in late October to the 2nd week of November. Phenotype #4 Lime Chiffon The latest Largest phenotype, finishes in late November and takes after the Acapulco Gold. Excellent taste and high with lime and other subtle additions to the Flavour/Aroma .

Sun Grown Organic; Pesticide Free

1/4oz Sativa

*Sativas are well known for their ability to relieve symptoms, while still allowing the patient to go about their daily life without feeling too tired or “couch-locked.” Sativa strains are known to alleviate many of symptoms for diseases and disorders such as:

Low/no appetite
Glaucoma/Intro-ocular disorders
Chronic pain

It is important to recognize that we each have our own unique body chemistry, and that what works for one person may differ for the next.

When you consume a sativa strain you might feel: energized, thoughtful, focused, generally awesome and uplifted, with a stimulated head high. Sativas also have a lighter, more fruity aroma. In other words, if you want to be social, clean your house, have brilliant ideas, or manage to accomplish anything at all, sativas are your go-to. Sativas are also wonderful for physical activities and Rocky Mountain adventures.

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*Current image is of the “Lime Chiffon” phenotype.