zIntroducing Genny

Who is Genny?

Genny Barbour is a bright 16 year old girl. She goes to school and for the first time in a long while is able to be normal. For most of her life Genny suffered from epileptic seizures and autism. Her parents tried various scheduled pharmaceuticals, but none have decreased the frequency of her seizures or helped her to be attentive in school the way the cannabis oil has, according to her parents.

In September of 2014 the Barbours explored the medical benefits of Cannabis. Since then Genny can now say “I love momma!” and “I love dada!” Before, Genny could only manage a single word at a time, like “eat,” “drink,” or “bathroom.” She is attentive in school and has blossomed.

Genny needs a dose of the oil four times a day to remain stable. If she misses a dose, she becomes agitated and even self-harming, her parents say. Now she is fighting against the legal system. Genny’s lunchtime dose has become an issue – though medical cannabis is legal in the state of New Jersey, the state law is silent on its use in schools; the Maple Shade School District says it’s illegal for them to administer it because marijuana is still illegal under federal law, and a New Jersey court agrees. Because this is classified as a drug it is a difficult to know what judgement to make. As this industry grows and more research is made available it is clear there is a benefit but the process is slow and schools have all students to consider.

CannaSense is Fighting Too

Lora and Roger Barbour are fighting to have their daughter Genny have access to her medicine in her New Jersey classroom. On an Easter break, the Barbour family were able to administer the afternoon dose of Genny’s medicine, and continued to do so over her break from school. For eight days Genny was seizure free. Now the school district is denying Genny her medicine on school grounds in the midday. Forced to bring their daughter home for the midday dose, Lora and Roger continue to battle the school district in the courtroom to secure the right for Genny to take her medicine on school grounds.

This is not the first time a family has had to go through this and unfortunately it will not be the last.  Faced with expensive legal cost, time and energy it seems to be an uphill battle.  CannaSense has created a fund for the legal defense of children’s cannabis.  These kids are not trying to get high, they want to function.  They want to experience life and this is one way to help them do that.

Medical Cannabis has a long road ahead, but there is certainly a destination in mind and we cannot do it without knowing there are patients in need, patients being helped.  For every member who joins and receives a recommendation a small portion will go towards the legal defense of cannabis.

For more information about Genny and her family you can visit their Go Fund Me page or visit the links below.
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