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CannaSense strives to educate patients and recreational users on the benefits of medicinal cannabis and how responsible use may improve their health.  Your sense of well-being is our priority!
Here at CannaSense we have two programs to fit your needs and desires.
Recreational Program

Our first program is designed for people who are over 21 and do not need to see a doctor.
No fee to join.
Just select Recreational account when filing out the sponsorship form.
Recreational accounts are not required to have patient ID’s but must provide proof of age via a government ID.
Recreational users can order through the Apothecary to have their cannabis shipped to their home.
Recreation users can sponsor other individuals into the program and be eligible for a commission at the end of each month based on sales.  See Compensation Plan in your account once you sign up.

Patient Program

This program is ideal for people seeking treatment and pain relief for health challenges, but who may not be placing frequent orders.
There is no sign-up fee to become a patient, but patients donate full price for their medicine.
Patients only need to have a valid recommendation letter from any state approved doctor and will be able to obtain medicine from the Apothecary.  Each recommendation letter must have an expiration date and will need to be renewed at the end of this period.
There is no minimum requirement per month in order to remain active as a patient.
Patients earn a Caregiver Fee for sponsoring folks that become Members.
Patients can upgrade to Member at any time by ordering a “Welcome Kit.” If you feel you will need to obtain an ounce of medicine per month please consider becoming a Member.

Upgrade to Member Program

This program is the full CannaSense experience.  Order one “Welcome Kit,” or get one customized for you and upon order being delivered a Patient or Recreation account will be upgraded to a Member.
Members receive a discounts on all medicinal products in the Apothecary.
The Member Program is also designed for individuals who would like the option to build residual income via encouraging their friends and family to become part of our collective. By sponsoring Patients and Recreational accounts into the CannaSense program, you can earn Caregiver Fees and  bonus commissions on their product purchases. (The compensation plan can be found in your account once you sign up.)
Once you join the Member Program, your membership and the discounts for medicinal products are for life and never have to be renewed.
In order to qualify for product purchase commissions, members are required to make a minimum purchase of $25 each month.

\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_text _id=”5″ ][cs_content_seo]Cost
There is no cost to join the collective.  If you need to see a doctor for a recommendation, the fee for the telemedicine doctor visit can be between $40 to $120.00. The Patient and Recreational program is free, but both patients and recreational pay full price for their medicine. The Membership program requires a purchase of a welcome kit from the apothecary, the cost is $420. You can order a preset welcome kit or make one custom to your needs. In addition, there is up to 30% discount on items found in the apothecary. Please review our education page and informational links thoroughly in order to select a welcome kit that best suits your medicinal needs. If you have any questions please contact one of our friendly administrators.

Choose Your Program
Register with CannaSense by filling out the Sponsorship Form and choosing your interest. Depending on what you want we will guide you through the process.

Sponsorship Form
The Sponsorship Form serves multiple purposes. It is a way to collect the most accurate contact information for all involved with CannaSense and it helps us credit who sponsored you into the program.

Patient Recommendation
If you are choosing to become a Patient we will guide you through the process to receive a doctor’s recommendation for medicinal cannabis. This recommendation is your first step to joining our collective.

From the privacy of a computer, an examination is conducted over the internet by a licensed California physician. You will be provided a recommendation for medicinal cannabis the same day if a treatable condition is established.

Visit the Apothecary
CannaSense staff will review and validate the documents you have submitted. You will then be granted access to the Apothecary.

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