DANK Vape 1g

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BV: 15

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DANK Vape | 1 Gram Premium Cannabis | 510 Thread Refill 

Dank Vapes 

Featuring triple distilled THC oil and the highest quality plant derived terpenes, Dank Vapes has multiple unique and flavorful strains to choose from. With almost all of their vapes testing above 90% THC, you can’t go wrong with any choice.

Old School Strains, Modern Convenience

DANK believes in preserving the authenticity of old school strains while making them convenient for today’s enthusiasts. DANK cartridges are a tribute to the classics, offering a nostalgic journey with a modern twist.

Variety That Delights

Every strain holds a unique experience, and that’s why DANK is proud to offer one of the best varieties of cartridges among their competitors. Whether you’re into the energetic buzz of Sativa, the deep relaxation of Indica, or the balanced effects of Hybrid, DANK vapes have something to satisfy every palate.

Flavor That Captivates

DANK is passionate about flavor! DANK vape cartridges capture the essence of each strain, delivering a palate-pleasing, aromatic journey with every puff. Expect a deliciously potent experience that pays homage to the old school strains you love.

Locally Crafted Excellence

All Dank vapes products are proudly produced in their GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facility, in the heart of California. DANK is committed to supporting local community and delivering the highest quality products to their customers.


  • Cannabis Oil – Triple Distilled
  • Terpenes – Plant Derived 
  • Cartridge – Medical Grade Stainless Steel 
  • Ceramic Core – Full Flavor Profile
  • Connection – 510 Universal Thread 
  • No Fillers
  • No Harmful Additives
  • Counterfeit Solutions – Packaging comes with 2 factor authentication


Please Note: When not in use this medicine will thicken/harden. Medicine will solidify in cool weather as well. Multiple strong pulls will “wake” your cartridge up. Pre-heating in your hands will help your initial draw as well. Thank you!

It is important to recognize that we each have our own unique body chemistry and that what works for one person may differ for another.


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