Dillinger – Indica Hybrid 14g

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BV: 30

SKU: GRA-01aDillinger14g


  1. California grown | Pesticide Free | 14 grams | Indica Hybrid

Dillinger is a fresh, funky strain with a pungent odor that will knock your socks off. When it’s time to wind down at night, take a couple smooth hits of Dillinger to ease your worries away. This elite strain cultivated by a knowledgeable team showcases the best of fine cannabis genetics. Featuring high levels of potent THC, Dillinger is a superb strain for the seasoned cannabis user. Dillinger is notable for its strong scent. Crack open a bag of Dillinger and you will immediately inhale its delicious aroma. Dillinger’s rich piney and earthy notes permeate the whole room before you even light it up. This stinky strain is best enjoyed when you have nothing to do and just want to chill out. Dillinger users say its sedative effects produce a lovely calm that strengthens the mind-body connection. Put on your favorite show, take a bath, do some yoga – you can really catch a relaxing vibe with Indica-leaning Dillinger. The Dillinger strain was named after John Dillinger, an American gangster who robbed banks during the Great Depression. The media supposedly exaggerated Dillinger as a Robin Hood-type with a colorful personality. Needless to say, his namesake strain is pretty badass and that is no exaggeration. Pick up some exotic Dillinger today and experience an uncommon cannabis experience.

 14 Grams / 1/2 ounce.

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