Enjoy Smell Proof Jar


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Enjoy Jars Smell Proof Stash Jar – Featured in High Times Magazine!

Enjoy Jars are cannabis containers designed to help medical marijuana patients organize up to four different strains of medicine. Made in Orange County, California out of a lightweight, high-performance polycarbonate, Enjoy Jars have four individual sections, all sealed, which trap that familiar skunky smell. You can label each section with a Sharpie marker and let dry for a few seconds. When it’s time for a new strain, simply wipe off with rubbing alcohol and write in a new name. The innovative lid individually seals each section to ensure that the contents remain isolated and maintain their unique smell and flavor. The contents of each of the four sections will not mix with each other. The small Nugtainer, which comes with each Enjoy Jar, is perfect for those times when you have a nug in your pocket but don’t want it collecting any lint or pocket debris — and it doubles as a container for a fifth strain. Enjoy Jar is entirely odor proof, airtight and water-resistant, locking in all the freshness and smell to help keep your medicine discreet and sweet! This is a High Times recommended product. This jar is lightweight and unlike a glass stash jar, is very strong and less likely to break.


  • Polycarbonate construction – very strong
  • Completely Smell Proof
  • Separates Herb into 4 compartments
  • Handy Size 2 Inches Tall x 4.5 Inches Wide
  • Jar fits roughly a half ounce of well trimmed flower

A MUST have for the seasoned smoker!