Excelsior Ever High Mushroom – 3.5 g


BV: 30

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Excelsior Ever High Mushroom

Our strain specific shrooms are LAB GROWN in a controlled environment.  each jar contains 3.5grams of mushrooms.  ENJOY:)



1.PE (Penis Envy): High energy body effect. Great for high energy activities, amazing for sex for both guys and gals. Very euphoric

2. Amazon: Both body /mind very social. Great for being around others and enjoying crowds, creates wide perspectives. The ecstasy of shrooms.

3. B+: very cerebral great for any type of creative work. Allows high focus. High dosage has visual effects.

4. Pink Buffalo: Well rounded strain possessing most characteristics of both body and mind powerful in high doses, amazing for micro dosing( .25g).

5. Golden Teacher: is a cerebral strain great for work as well as self reflection and awareness. Great for discussions, philosophy, meditation.



.25 g micro dose
.25-.5g light dose
.5-1g feeling more power
1-2g strong for the uninitiated normal for frequent consumers.
2-3+g take off for novices normal for frequent consumers.
3g+ taking a trip for novices