FECO – Serendipity 23.7:1 THC/CBD, 63.041% THC Rogue OG – Indica 1 g

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BV: 30 CannaSense Total Wellness is now offering to its members concentrated cannabis oils in both THC rich and CBD rich forms. These oils are packed with cannabinoids that help prevent disease, buffer your neurology, to reduce inflammation in the body, to alleviate pain and even help to fight cancer.  See COA This product is…

SKU: NJH-GSD-Serendipity 63.041 Rogue


oilTaken orally, either mixed with tea or juice, or simply applied directly under the tongue, the oil comes in single mL (1 gram) oral syringes for ease of storage and application.

Our oils are made with organic food grade ethanol used to extract the valuable cannabinoids, then distilled to purge the alcohol and create a potent and quality concentrated oil that is both safe and effective in treating a variety of ailments.

THC Rich Concentrated Cannabis Oil

High THC Rich ResultsEach oral syringe of the THC rich oil contains 600 mg of THC, making this concentrate a very potent delivery method. For patients unfamiliar with this application it is suggested to start slowly, and administer a sample of oil under the tongue about the size of a dot. Wait 2 hours and assess its effect before ingesting more oil. It is very important to titrate one’s dose slowly with concentrated cannabis oil.


CBD Rich Concentrated Cannabis Oil

High CBD Rich Results
High CBD Rich Results

Each oral syringe of the CBD (Cannabidiol) oil contains nearly 500 mg of CBD.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis touted for its ability to treat epilepsy and other neurological ailments. Studies have shown CBD to also be a powerful anti-cancer agent in the body, and when coupled with THC can become part of an effective pain management regimen.


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Weight .3 oz

THC Rich 63%


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