HAF Vape – 1 g

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BV: 30 1 Gram Vape Cartridges.



At Hash Artists Farms, we dedicate our time and energy to create the cleanest, best methods of extraction in the industry. Our reputation boasts our quality for potency, quality, purity and compliance. When you purchase a HAF product, you know you’re getting lab tested, high grade cannabis you can trust. We are proud to produce only the finest medicinal-grade extracts in California. 1 Gram Cartridges. 510 Thread. Wick-less.

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Weight 1.6 oz

Banana Runtz, Blue Slush, Blueberry, Candyland, Cherry Pie, Clementine, Do-Si-Dos, Durban Poison, Gelato, Gelonade, Ice Cream Cookies, Jack Straw, King Louis XIII, Lemon Slushie, Mimosa, OG Kush, Pineapple Fields, Purple Punch, Runtz, Skunkberry, Sour Diesel, Strawberry Shortcake, Super Lemon Haze, Sundae Driver, Sunset Sherbet, Thin Mint, Trainwreck, Tropical Zkittlez, Tropicana Cookies, Wedding Cake, White Gushers, Zkittlez

35 reviews for HAF Vape – 1 g

  1. Gilbert Sanchez

    Wow these prices are overkill. I can get them cheaper from the local dealer. Lol!

  2. Shawn Hall

    Price is way to high.

  3. rickie morris

    prices may be that collective system? i understand in my area a half g is 35 if you can find it, thankful cannasense is back!

  4. David Greenwald (verified owner)

    Gilbert, everything is relative to the state you live in. If you are in an illegal state, it is what the market demands and then who knows what you may be getting. Maybe you are lucky and your “dealer” is getting the legal meds from somewhere. If so, what are you doing here? If you are in a state like Colorado, you can get 1 gram for $35-$40 for distillate carts. The west coast is a little more. If you live in Mass., 1 gram in a medical dispensary is $100. If you live in a legal state, feel free to go elsewhere for your meds if you can do better. If you live in an illegal state, take your pick. Either way, please get your facts straight before you start trashing Cannasense. I know I speak for a lot of people who are living where we don’t have access to these meds and CannaSense is a blessing.

  5. Towana Harding (verified owner)

    Thank the Heavens for CannaSense! I need my medicine and finally can get it sent to the comfort of my home.

  6. Gilbert Sanchez

    @david greenwood I’m not trashing Cannasesne I just disagree with the prices and I can see that others in the reviews section agree that these prices are high. So no need to get facts straight when so many people know they can get their meds cheaper and at the same quality or even better quality for any conditions. That’s simple.

  7. Barry Schwartzstein

    I was a loyal customer of Cannasense until the reorganization. We were told once the site was up & running again, the prices would be considerably lower. This is not the case. I live in NJ and can buy the same HAF brand from another collective in CA for $55 (1 gram) and $30 (half gram). I wish Cannasense’s prices were less expensive as I would have preferred to buy from them. I agree 100% with Gilbert Sanchez and others who have voiced their opinions.


    I too believe that prices are much higher and they don’t tell you how much you are getting for that price (at least for flowers that is) If we are a collective and we paid to get into it then are we not part owners and we sustain the growing? We should have the ability to buy more for less..

    • CannaSense

      Prices have not increased since Oct. All flowers are ordering in 1/4 oz options and if you buy 4 you get a $100 discount if you are a member.

  9. Reid Malvin (verified owner)

    Everyone, we live in a society that has laws. I am fortunate enough to have a Collective like CannaSense around. If anyone is unhappy with their pricing, do not buy, I can get it for less as well but I choose CannaSense. Now they need an APP and HeavyHitters.

  10. Jose Pinott (verified owner)

    I agree with Reid, thanks CS for delivering and caring. God Bless!

  11. Ryan Fischer (verified owner)

    Prices are too high and the cartridges arrive half full while the other has leaked out in transit, not happy with this product or process

  12. Austin Larsen (verified owner)

    Price is way too high

  13. Mr. Robotto (verified owner)

    The cartridge leaks, slowly even after opening same day. the product itself is good but it is pricey. It also doesn’t show the THC and CBD and don’t find out until the product arrives – I.E. Trainwreck has a 82.84% THC/1.44% CBD- some helpful info for shopping. Just mostly unhappy with this slow seeping of product that will waste away, even as little as it may be to others. Like the ability to smoke/vape mostly anywhere with a low profile that I need in my corporate world

  14. WillyD (verified owner)

    I definitely recommend Candyland for anyone who suffers from ptsd and insomnia. Has made a tremendous improvement in overall health. Also would like to thank Mr. Scott Rory Tyner and others for their help to make cannasense a reality again for those of us who refuse to go the petrochemically derived pharmaceutical route and who live in states that would rather ruin your life for choosing natural over synthetic. The movement here is more than just access to medical cannabis, it is a revival of the human spirit to reconnect with the things that are natural. So whether it’s the Constitution, Natural law, God given rights, or Making our food our medicine and our medicine our food, we should all feel grateful that there are Liberty minded patriots at the helm of this collective.

  15. John Scimeca (verified owner)

    Thanks CannaSense!!!
    Prices are all relative !!
    Some things are priceless!!
    I would love to bring in 100 people in this !!
    Hopefully it’s full speed ahead from here on out!!

  16. Valentin Parks, Jr (verified owner)

    They are good but have some issues. The worst part is plugging up rather quickly. First they start to draw with increasing difficulty. Then they plug while not in use. You can free them up by draw on the tip quite with vigor. But I don’t like it. The other thing is some of them leak badly!!! Not all but 2-3 have.

    I’m just not sure where to set the voltage on my vape pen. The range is 3.3 to 4.8 volts, I set mine to about 3.8. I have burnt out cartridges before so I’m hesitant to up the voltage.

    The price is fine for me, it’s much more expensive out here on the east coast, but I would appreciate it being lower.

    • CannaSense

      A plugged up vape cartridge is caused by the oil solidifying. Best option is to use a lighter and run it around the outside of the vape and that will clear up the clogging.

  17. Chris Ahl (verified owner)

    These 1 gram carts are pretty amazing. Awesome job Cannasense. Thanks for helping me with my medicine. Ppl, I highly recommend..alttle grattiude for patients that continue to come back Time and time again would be nice. Thankyou

  18. Reginal Hamilton (verified owner)

    The prices are exactly right for a good trustworthy product. The bootleg carts on the B market are not even close to these.

  19. Darren Thompson (verified owner)

    Price is good. There seems to be a better member discount on flower than carts or edibles. Not sure why. Price is on par with what I would pay locally when I could get it but this way I know what I’m getting and where it comes from. Have ordered 5 different carts thus far and none have leaked but I’ve been careful not to torque them when attaching to battery. Oil in one of the carts has solidified but I’m guessing that will resolve if I warm it up a bit. Potency seems good. They last quite a while for me. If your cart arrives leaking, open a ticket. I’m sure it will get resolved.

  20. OneRedEye (verified owner)

    Ordered a HAF Zkittlez cart to try out as an alternative to carrying around a dugout with flower. Potency and flavor were amazing though I too encountered the plugging up rather easily. While running a lighter over it would help to resolve the plugging as suggested in the comments, this was counterproductive to my intention to remain discrete. I also didn’t find this product to last as long for me as others I’ve had in the past that had in some cases half as much. Will be trying other carts offered and using the old dugout in the meantime.

  21. OneRedEye (verified owner)

    So, I decided to give HAF another shot when I saw they were offering Purple Punch in a cart which happens to be one of my fav. To my surprise and utter delight, the product was in a new cartridge type with a ceramic top similar to the LAK carts and has to date had ZERO issues with clogging. Flavor is on point as it always has been. Thank you HAF for addressing the issue as you have another satisfied customer. Flavor and effect were a ringer for Purple Punch flower.

  22. Marisa Gray (verified owner)

    Love it! Purple punch is the bomb. Trying candyland for sleep. So thankful!

  23. Doddi (verified owner)

    The Zkittles is amazing. Great clouds and fast acting. For Anxiety, PTSD, depression. Thank you Cannasence.

  24. KP420 (verified owner)

    LA Kush are my favorite on here but they are sold out but HAF are yummy also I’ve had quite a few skittles and a purple punch… and more. All were great. I just really am a flower person… but I always keep a cartridge on me also. Lol


  25. Amy Stiles (verified owner)

    2 of the 3 I ordered leaked through the top in my mouth when inhaling. I won’t be purchasing again

  26. JFKToo5921 (verified owner)

    I have tried several of the HAF as well as the house brands(House are Very good too). The HAF are superior, and well worth the price knowing it is coming from a reputable company who seem to have mastered the art. Thanks Canna-Sense, you guys are #1 in hassle free service.

  27. michael amico (verified owner)

    I was told if you pay the $420 membership that all the prices for pot are 1\2 price a Oz is 240 ,!!! And all the cartridges also go down in price !

    • CannaSense

      The upgrade to member occurs when the Welcome Kit purchase completes. This happens when all medicine from the Welcome Kit is received by the patient and the system marks order complete. At that time, the system will automatically update your account to a Member. At which point all discounts are setup for you.

  28. Ashley Pannell (verified owner)

    I LOVE THESE CARTS!! They smoke all the way down, you get every dime worth! Have ordered HAF and King Canna carts, king canna suck and a waste of money!
    I’ll spend the $10 more to get what I’m paying for!

  29. Sonya Bell (verified owner)

    Tried the banana flavor. Honestly tastes like garlic bread. Not what you’re hoping for when you’re hitting a pen. I am not a fan.

  30. Carl Harris (verified owner)

    Consistent top notch carts. Effective and really good quality! Gelato, Trainwreck, Blueberry, Wedding Cake, and Jack Straw are good strains that have continually delivered good medicinal dosages for pain and anxiety.

  31. JFKToo5921 (verified owner)

    They just get Better & Better. HAF is boss, if you ain’t happy with these you’ll never be happy!

  32. JFKToo5921 (verified owner)

    I have tried almost everyone of the HAF cartridges, they are simply the best. The Potency is better and they last longer than any of the many other brands that I have tried. Trust me, I’ve tried more than my fare of them too. $-4-$ you will come out way ahead with HAF brand.

  33. Douglas Pearsall (verified owner)

    NJ dispensaries are charging the same price for a .5 gram cartridge that cannasense charges for a full gram. While it was cool and novel to go buy weed in a store, I’ll stick to mail order until NJ gets its pricing together.

  34. Courtney Smith (verified owner)

    Love the convenience of these! Trainwreck and super lemon haze are my favorites

  35. Courtney Smith (verified owner)

    Love the convenience of these! Delicious and potent!

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