High Standard Unruly OG Crumble 1g

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BV: 15

SKU: GRA-05HSUnrulyOGCrmbl1g


High Standard Crumble | Nug Run | 1 Gram | Indica Hybrid

Billy Kimber OG and Bx1 (Speculated)

With an elusive citric quality that’s typical of the best OGs, the smell that emanates from Unruly OG is dynamic and gaseous. Like a citrus air-freshener in the middle of an oil spill, the backbone of the profile is a dizzying fuel. The only subtlety to the Unruly OG is a faint fresh pine smell that organically perfumes the rest of the aroma. The almost overwhelming flavor from the Unruly OG’s dry pull is similar to the best OGs, and the smoke follows suit. The bright lemon aroma translates into a lemon chemical taste, with a pleasantly bitter chem quality. Later into the impressively smooth smoke, you noticed bits of the pine and black pepper, rounding out the refined terp profile that delivers mentally stimulating and physically sedating effects. Stupidly potent, like a good OG should be, the Unruly OG is an easy recommendation to anyone.


High Standard, established in 2012 in Southern California provides its customers with the highest quality concentrates as well as beautiful packaging. By setting the standard in the industry, long-lasting relationships based on loyalty, trust and exceptional quality are formed.

Crumble is an extract, a form of cannabis concentrate that’s produced using a solvent. But unlike other concentrates, which are generally fluid in their consistency, crumble is defined by its unique, crumbly texture which makes it easy to handle and dose. It can be consumed on its own, or combined with flower in a variety of ways. This versatility, combined with its potency, makes crumble very popular among cannabis consumers.

THC levels can be as high as 80% crumble. Use with caution, a little goes a long way.


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