(PROMO) Purple Gooasaurus – Indica Dominant 1/4 oz


BV: 40

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Purple Gooasaurus:

Total THC: 16.7198% ((THCA*0.877)+THC)
Total CBD: 0.000% ((CBDA*0.877)+CBD)
Total Cannabinoid Content by weight: 20.3576% [19.2324% THC+THCA | 0.000% CBD+CBDA | 1.6909% CBGA+CBG | 0.0744% CBCA+CBC | 0.000% THCV | 0.000% CBN]

**Total THC and Total CBD  refers to an equation used to calculate the amount of THC/CBD after decarboxylation has occured.

The captivating evolution of Gooasaurus, “Purple Gooasaurus,” is a phenotype that merges the ancient allure of Gooasaurus’s verdant buds with regal shades of purple. Within the buds, a majestic symphony of deep purples and resinous trichomes creates a visual masterpiece reminiscent of a prehistoric twilight. Emanating a pungent and complex aroma, “Purple Gooasaurus” entices with earthy pine undertones and a subtle citrus bouquet, invoking a botanical journey through an enchanting era. The effects, like the powerful footsteps of a legendary creature, weave euphoria and relaxation into a dance that echoes through time. Immerse yourself in the terpene-rich tapestry of “Purple Gooasaurus,” and let this pheno transport you to a cannabis epoch where broad spectrum potency and flavor converge in a botanical symphony

Purple Gooasaurus is a high CBG strain. Unlike CBD, CBG enhances the intoxicating effects of THC instead of counteracting them. This results in a stronger “high”. It has more high value medicinal effects than just that. CBG has potent anti-cancer and anti-tumor capabilities. CBG promotes bone growth and healing. CBG has been observed to be a neuroprotectant that protects brain cells from nerve damage. CBG has been shown to be effective in reducing inflammation in patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohns Disease and Celiac Disease and is shown to reduce eye pressure and other effects that benefit patients with glaucoma.

Other benefits of CBG include:

  • Anti nausea
  • Appetite stimulant
  • Calming anxiety and thus helping in the relief of stress
  • Antidepressant
  • General Anti inflammatory

1/4oz (7 grams)  Cannabis Flower

It is important to recognize that we each have our own unique body chemistry and that what works for one person may differ for the next.

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***Budget Buds Mix is an unspecified mixture of Organic Hybrid flower, offered at an extremely good price. Budget Buds Mix is perfect for anyone who is interested in making their own cannabutter, for making their own batch of pre-rolls, or just looking for some good, cheap smoke. All flower in this mix was grown following strict organic, pesticide and herbicide free gardening methods. Expect Hybrid effects, leaning towards Indica.