Kalibloom Disposable Vape – 1 g


BV:Β  25

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Kalibloom Vape | KiK Disposable | 1 Gram | Premium THC | 1000mg


Kalibloom works with flower that contains only premium buds-no trim, no shake, no stems, no seeds. They hand trim all buds and slow dry them for 10 days. They use organic flower treated with no pesticides. They don’t cut any corners so they can provide you with only top quality flower and extract.

They only bring you products that are solvent free and meet the strictest quality standards.

Kalibloom KIK Disposables are top tier hardware that avoids clogging, 1G of expertly crafted distillate, attention to detail that makes every Kik an unparalleled experience.

  • Rechargeable – Juice your battery so you can get every last drop. Charger Not Included
  • 1 Full Gram – Bigger is better. 1G of premium distillate so you can Kik-it even longer.
  • Disposable – Toss (or recycle!) when it’s fully Kik’d.
  • Premium THC

Please Note: When not in use this medicine will thicken/harden. Medicine will solidify in cool weather as well. Multiple strong pulls will “wake” your pen up. Pre heating in your hands will help your initial draw as well. Thank you!