Kind Canna – Cannabis Cartridge

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BV: 20 Itching for a bit of zing! in your vape? Try out our premium Cannabis cartridges today. They’re easy to use. Fit on any 510-thread vape device. And pack a mighty punch. All our Cannabis Vape cartridges are made from California-grown flowers that have been carefully selected, meticulously curated, and lovingly processed into the…

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When you buy Kind Canna Cannabis Vape Cartridge, you get:

  • THC vape juice that’s bursting with cannabinoids & terpenes
  • USA-grown and manufactured premium vape product
  • Quality backed by a decade of experience (from the makers of the Kind Pen)
  • Your choice of strain (we rotate them regularly – find new favorites easily)

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Gelato (Hybrid), Grand Daddy Purple (Indica), Super Lemon Haze (Sativa), Sour Diesel (Sativa), Candyland (Sativa), Sunset Sherbert (Hybrid), Do-Si-Dos (Indica)

12 reviews for Kind Canna – Cannabis Cartridge

  1. Sonya Bell (verified owner)

    Bummer. Half way through the oil it essentially stops hitting. Blows out any battery.

    • TKC

      What type of battery are you using?

  2. Dannon Dixon 5569 (verified owner)


    My 2 are working fine halfway through.

    Legit cart/source

  3. Amy Stiles (verified owner)

    I threw 3 out with a lot of medicine still in because they stopped working. One cartridge cracked just from tightening on a battery! Total garbage

  4. Amy Stiles (verified owner)

    All 3 of mine were defective. One cartridge cracked just from tightening on a battery! Total garbage

    • CannaSense


      Please submit a support ticket and send us pictures or videos to and we will address with fulfillment center.

  5. Ashley Pannell (verified owner)

    Smoked great! Awesome price! I will be ordering these from here on out. I saw reviews that it stops working, that is because the thc content is high, and it causes backup in the tip. You can loosenen the tip and suck it through 😉 or slightly warm it up.. either way.. it works perfectly 🙂
    I wish you guys would lower the prices on some of the others, I’d love to try those out also! Just a little hint Canna LOL it would boost your product sales 78%+
    With love ✌

  6. Jose (verified owner)

    I am on my sixth of six, 3 sour diesel and 3 lemon haze.

    First of all, I give them a 4, the buzz is quite nice, especially considering the price.

    As far as construction, I give them a 3, I had one break, fortunately it was almost empty.

    Now, when it comes to packaging, I give them a 1. I am far from an environmentalist, but the use of hard plastic
    is wasteful to me. Granted, the presentation is very nice, but is presentation the proper way to differentiate themselves?

    Value for money, can’t be beat!

  7. Ashley Pannell (verified owner)

    All 6 I have ordered have stopped half way through!! Not one has smoked all the way. I have reported this. They sent me ONE replacement and the same dang thing!! Very disappointed 😞 that’s why the prices have gone down so much.
    It would just be nice if they smoked right all the way!

  8. Damien Knause (verified owner)

    Great oil in bad cartridges , I heat them up and transfer oil into good ones

  9. Damien Knause (verified owner)

    4.3 volts on your battery seems to be the key with these carts,they perform way better at higher temp

  10. jason rainey (verified owner)

    not buying these anymore , all 4 I bought either leaked into pen or wouldnt fire correctly. Complete waste of money. Just Get Haf carts

  11. John Scimeca (verified owner)

    Not impressed by the nice package. Should put more into potency.

  12. matthew jeffers (verified owner)

    Very nice and actually potent good cart

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