Kind Canna – Cannabis Gummies 500 mg


BV: 15

Do you often find yourself craving a sweet medley of fruit flavors… but don’t want to snack on empty calories? If that’s the case, our cannabis-infused gummies are just what the doctor ordered – they’ll satisfy your sweet tooth AND provide you with your daily dose of a plant that’s been called the nature’s most potent healer — cannabis.

These cannabis-infused gummies are so delicious, you might find yourself downing the entire bag in one sitting [but we still suggest keeping to the recommended dosage].

The Kind Canna gummies are made with love… and with complete dedication to the craft. Infused with THC carefully extracted from locally-grown, organic cannabis, they’re the pinnacle of cannabis edibles. Pop one in your mouth as you go about your day to get all the benefits of THC… without any of the downsides.

Our gummies come in a variety of mixed fruit flavors. Strawberries, blueberries, cranberries — you’ll find them all here, where every bite is an adventure!

Warning: Contains medical marijuana.

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  • 500mg of THC in total per packaging
  • 25mg of THC in one serving [recommended daily dose]
  • Approximately 20 individual servings per packaging
  • Mixed fruit flavors — a delicious surprise with every serving
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