Kind Canna – THC Crumble – 1 g


BV: 20

The Kind Canna cannabis crumble — our signature high-potency concentrate for beginners and veterans alike. Made from US-grown indoor flowers, its clean honeycomb structure is a testament to its purity and flavor-packed intensity.

What is Crumble?

Whether you call it crumble wax, crumble dab, or just plain crumble, this cannabis concentrate is one of the most unique when it comes to texture. While most concentrates are a dense liquid resembling honey, crumble is best known for its dry and crumbly consistency. Made in a similar fashion to shatter, crumble is created using an extraction process that involves a solvent such as butane, propane or CO2. The difference is that crumble needs lower heat for a longer period of time in a vacuum oven. This longer cooking time creates the dry consistency crumble is so well known for, while decreasing the risk for mold.

A potent concentrate that can contain up to 90% THC, crumble can range in color from pale yellow to deep amber. Crumble often gives you the most bang for your buck, as it tends to be one of the cheaper concentrates without compromising potency. Its texture can be tricky to work with, but it also makes it more versatile when it comes to how you consume it.

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Gelato (Hybrid), Grand Daddy Purple (Indica), Super Lemon Haze (Sativa), Sour Diesel (Sativa), Candyland (Sativa), Sunset Sherbert (Hybrid), Do-Si-Dos (Indica)