Kind Canna – Infused Mini Prerolls 10-Pack 3.5 g


BV: 35

Want to take cannabis microdosing to the next level? Check out our concentrate-infused mini prerolls. This pack of 10 selfies comes with matches and a striker built in so you’re always ready!

A Premium Preroll for Solo Flyers Who Worship on the Altar of Flavor

Kind Canna Infused Mini Prerolls are perfect for all marijuana lovers who hate to share their blunts — and who hate the tedious work of rolling:

  • You don’t have to break up your flowers (losing half of the product in the process)
  • You don’t have to worry about the rolling paper (you no longer need it!)
  • You don’t have to stress about sharing a blunt (‘sorry, this one is a selfie…’)
  • You don’t have to smoke more than you need (perfect size for medication)
  • You don’t have to worry about having a light — matches & striker are built into the box

Wow — our concentrate-infused mini prerolls sure solve a lot of problems, don’t they?

Each Kind Canna Infused Mini Preroll Pack contains 10 prerolls, each one with 0.35 grams of premium indoor concentrate-infused flower, with the pack total being 3.5 grams. You’ll get prerolls that are packed to the brim with juicy resin glands that will make your head spin. Order yours today and choose between several different (& deliciously good) strains (that we rotate regularly).

Lab Results:

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When you buy Kind Canna Infused Mini Preroll Pack, you get:

  • 10 premium hand-rolled cannabis concentrate-infused prerolls (0.35 grams each, 3.5 grams total)
  • Matchbox design with 10 matches and a striker included
  • Best kief on the market (sweet-smelling & packs a punch)
  • Perfect size for microdosing & self-medicating
  • Grown in our own boutique cultivation facility (constantly nurtured with LOVE)
  • Different strains available (Sativas, Indicas, or hybrids)