Kind Canna – Premium Indoor Choice Buds 3.5 g


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Treat yourself to some deliciously sticky cannabis flower with swollen calyxes that are just dripping with that life-giving resin.

All our Choice Buds are carefully selected — they are sourced only from the healthiest, most potent California-grown cannabis plants. And we then lovingly process and package them before they’re dropped off right at your doorstep.

Choose your strain

Our Sativas are bouncing… our Indicas are comatose. And our Hybrids bring you the best of both worlds. (Please note that while our strains rotate regularly, they’re always top quality). 

Don’t want your flowers to dry out?

With every purchase of Kind Canna Choice Buds, you get a case that doubles as a holder. You can even store your broken-up flower in a small bottom compartment. It will slow the drying-out process considerably. Pretty nifty, right?

Ready to get your hands on some out-of-this-world potent cannabis buds from California? Pick your preferred strain  & sit back while we get to packin!

UPDATE: 12/25 Strains of Sativa or Hybrid will arrive in a Mylar Bag instead of our trademark clam shell packaging. We are waiting for a new stock of packaging to arrive. Thanks for your patience. Please know this will be the same quality of the flower as always.

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When you buy Kind Canna Choice Buds, you get:

  • Only the best INDOOR California-sourced product
  • A chance to try out new strains (strains rotate regularly)
  • A close-to-airtight holder for your unused flower
  • Spill-proof bottom compartment for broken up flower