Kind Canna – Preroll Joints 5-Pack 3.5 g


BV: 35

Stop wasting precious time on rolling joints (they never turn out looking good, anyway), and treat yourself to our premium indoor cannabis prerolls. Whip out. Light up. You’re set.

A More Potent Hit in Just a Few Seconds

Kind Canna Prerolls eliminate  that annoying prep work you need to go through before you can light one up:

– No need to break up your flowers (losing half of your product in the process)

– No need to worry about whether or not you have rolling paper (& you usually don’t)

– No need to feel self-conscious about your ugly-looking joints

Say goodbye to rolling & and have a joint ready for every occasion!

Each Kind Canna Preroll Pack contains five prerolls, each one with 0.7 grams of premium indoor flower. Every preroll is loaded to the brim with those juicy resin glands that will make your head spin. Order yours today and choose between several different (& deliciously good) strains — your Sativas, Indicas, and hybrids. We’ve got ‘em all!

Lab Results:

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When you buy a pack of Kind Canna prerolled joints, you get:

  • 5 premium hand-rolled cannabis preroll joints
  • Best flower on the market (packs a punch)
  • A chance to try out new strains (strains rotate regularly)
  • Grown in our own boutique cultivation facility (constantly nurtured with LOVE)
  • Several different strains are available (Sativas, Indicas, or hybrids)