* Oregon Grown* Wonder Dawg (Hybrid) 1/2 oz

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BV: 25

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Wonder Dawg is a cross between wonder woman and chem dawg. And is a very well balanced hybrid.


Upon opening the bag of Wonder Dawg, a robust and intoxicating blend of scents immediately engulfed my senses. The earthy undertones mingled harmoniously with the pungent diesel aroma, creating a complex and alluring olfactory experience. Subtle hints of citrus and pine danced delicately in the background, adding a refreshing brightness to the overall bouquet.

The sheer complexity and depth of the fragrance were a testament to the quality and care put into cultivating Wonder Dawg. Each whiff held a promise of the delights that awaited, setting the stage for a sensory journey unlike any other, although it’s easy to get carried away and get couch locked. Be warned

***while supplies last

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1/2 oz


***still no B budz so I’m slashing the price on another great product !!



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