*Oregon Grown* Utopia Haze (Sativa) 1/4oz

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BV: 30

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Utopia Haze is a blast from the past. Winning multiple 1st place awards in the 2008 cannabis cup, an overtly dominant sativa at 90% to 10% indica. Crossed between grass dream Brazilian landrace. 

***This sativa is high in caryophyllene. Which is great for medicinal benefits. But can taste spicey or even harsh to some. If you are looking for a fruity smoking couch locking high this is not it! 

Boasting a tremendously complex aroma. Typical of many haze strains, the overwhelming citrus solvent smell is not present. Instead your first impression when opening the bag is an exotic woody/skunkiness with a whisper of piney fruitiness. Truly intoxicating.

The flavor is just as wildly complex. Except the skunky/tea/woody part is amplified to a point of almost spiciness. Upon exhale that spice tingles throughout your mouth. With notes of mint chocolate and coffee. The mix of flavors inundates all of your senses while a rush of warm tingles travels up your spine and engulfing your mind. The euphoria is unmatched.

Then the haze takes hold and you’re swept off on a mystical voyage in your mind, with enough energy to accomplish many tasks, but with an ironic lack of desire to maintain mental clarity. Try cleaning on this stuff and you’ll spend three hours running around your house doing it while completely lost in your head (and with a big smile on your face).

Nugz are bright green absolutely covered in reddish orange.  Fluffy as a cloud but much more dense than it appears. Beautifully dusted with trichomes. The type of nug you just smash into a bowl because you don’t want to lose the glitter

Rarely do I want to keep an entire batch for myself. But Utopia Haze is one that almost didn’t get circulated. Get it while you can!

1/4 oz



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Cheesey Melt (Indica), PEP-eroni (Sativa), Combination (Hybrid)


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