Puff LA Liquid Diamond Gummies 500mg THC



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Puff LA Gummies INFUSED Liquid Diamond & Hash Rosin Gummies

Puff LA gummies are not your average gummies. They’re infused with THC oil, which means they pack a serious punch. One gummy is equivalent to one joint, so if you’re looking to get really high, you only need a few. puff la liquid diamond gummies. At 50mg a piece they will definitely get the job done!

10 THC Liquid Diamond & Hash Rosin Gummies infused sour gummies
10 pieces | 50mg per piece | 500mg TOTAL


Watermelon (Sativa)
Peach (Sativa)
Fruit Punch (Hybrid)
Pineapple (Hybrid
Lychee (Hybrid)

Strawberry Lemonade (Indica)
Grape (Indica)
Mystery (Indica)
Green Apple (Indica)
Blue Raspberry (Indica)

10 pieces

50 mg. each