Punch Chocolate Bars 225mg

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Punch Chocolate Bars.

Punch Edibles was born on the idea of providing potent edibles in a small package. The three most common complaints with edible products are: taste, size and potency. As other leading competitors flourish in the market without completing the circle, we feel our products are superior across the board. Each of our edibles are made with the highest-grade concentrates.

225mg per bar, 9 squares at 25mg per square. 

Milk chocolate and Dark chocolate varieties available.

Please Note: These items may melt during hot weather.  If this happens put the chocolate in the refrigerator upon arrival to chill and enjoy.  The collective will not issue refunds for melted chocolate.


Selected flavors are Gluten Free.

Hybrid Strain: when no specific strain information is provided, you can conclude the edible is made with a hybrid.


Additional information

Weight 1 oz

Milk Chocolate, Milk Caramel Bits, Milk Malted, Milk Smores, Milk Toffee, Dark Almonds, Dark Mint, Dark Raspberry, Dark Sea Salt, Dark Tangerine

15 reviews for Punch Chocolate Bars 225mg

  1. Larry Massey (verified owner)

    Got these yesterday and they pack quite a punch.

  2. Joshua Torres-Wiley (verified owner)

    Never tried edibles before, these are amazing! A little bit goes a long way! Very relaxing, great product.

  3. Darren Thompson (verified owner)

    These are dosed nicely. Seems quite accurate. Taste good too.

  4. John Scimeca (verified owner)

    Two squares are perfect relaxation!

  5. OneRedEye (verified owner)

    Selected the Dark Tangerine with my last order and I was thoroughly impressed. Excellent flavor, concentrated squares, fantastic relaxation. Two squares offered me daytime pain relief and three for bedtime seemed to be just right. Chronic pain from spondylolisthesis and disc herniation in lumbar spine.

  6. Lori Padgett (verified owner)

    only tried the smores so far but i thought it tasted good and 3 squares was Nirvana.

  7. VB2CF (verified owner)

    First edibles from Cannasense… These little bars are very very good products! 1 square is perfect for my needs.

  8. KP420 (verified owner)

    Very good like usual. I’ve tried several of these and they never let me down. Just be careful how much you eat or you may be couch locked..


  9. Natedog ipman (verified owner)

    Such a good product
    I love all of these bars do far
    I have never even got a bar that melted yet but its not summer yet

  10. Donna Craddock (verified owner)

    I like these…Please get more back in stock!

  11. Jennifer Coberley (verified owner)

    Aptly named “Punch”, because it definitely packs one. My fiancé split a whole bar with me before I realized the potency… needless to say, I had a great day that veered into a nap!

  12. Amrit Gahunia (verified owner)

    These are priced right, and actually carry the potency as advertised.
    Always my go to!
    All flavors are great, best part is proper THC dosing and blended throughout the bar, so no dead pieces with low THC.

  13. Dannon Dixon 5569 (verified owner)


  14. Sankofa CannaHealth (verified owner)

    Definitely a long running fave of mine. Tried all except stores. Perfect lite sweet treat b4 bed. Great edible to start with. 😋 DIVA

  15. Courtney Smith (verified owner)

    My favorite!

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