Remy’s Premium Vape – 1 g

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Remy’s Premium Vape Cartridges | 1 Gram

My Remy’s My Way.

The Remy’s line offers high-level oils that prioritize intense potency and quality taste. Each flavor maximizes THC levels for immediate, powerful effects. The cart design optimizes airflow to deliver instant, high dose draws wherever you want it, whenever you want it.

Throughout each step in their proprietary process, they make it their mission to preserve each plant’s phytochemical fingerprint, which are essential to the Remy’s oil’s true-to-strain taste. Remy’s does not add artificial flavorings, glycols, or thinners because they distract from the plant’s original essence. In other words, Remy’s oil tastes natural because it is.

From cultivation to extraction, Remy’s thoroughly analyze every product by quality labs. Using these rigorous quality assurance methods, we can guarantee that Remy’s products are free of solvents, microbials, additives, pesticides, and toxic chemicals.

Remy’s oils are high cannabinoid, full spectrum, single origin extracts. These oils have an ideal composition for users who appreciate heavy psychoactive effects and a true-to-strain flower or weedy taste profile, while still retaining crucial bioactive terpenes and flavonoids.


  • Lab Tested
  • Solventless
  • Pesticide Free
  • No Heavy Metals
  • Organic Glass & Materials
  • Terpenes derived from all natural plant material.
  • CTEC 2.0 Premium Ceramic Heating Element Composition and Material Refinement



Vape Cart. 1000ml fill/1 gram each.


Remy Carts have a 24 month (2 year) shelf life. Vendor verified!


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Weight 1.3 oz

4 reviews for Remy’s Premium Vape – 1 g

  1. Robyn Cohen (verified owner)

    I am truly enjoying these vapes. Zero problems, smooth all the way through the last drop. Grape Jelly, Dragonfruit and Green Apple all living up to their descriptions and effects. And I am a sucker for cute packaging!

  2. Sonya Bell (verified owner)

    Very much like the la confidential and grape jelly.

  3. Dennis Egan (verified owner)

    Definitely one of the better carts on here. Taste great smokes good to last drop and rarely gets clogged. Def get this brand

  4. Tim Bennett (verified owner)

    loved the dragon fruit zero problems one of the best carts I’ve tried and I have tried a few just hope they get more of the other Remy flavors back in…..

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