SoCal Gas Ultra Moonrocks 3.5


BV: 20

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Premium Exotic Indoor Flower|  THCA Dusted Moon Rocks | 3.5g

SoCal Gas Ultra THCa Dusted Moonrocks are premium boutique flower, coated with category 3 distillate oil then dusted in THCa powder.

SoCal Gas Ultra Moonrocks are a level above the highest level. Crafted with exotic premium indoor flower, coating the flower in category 3 distillate oil then dusting the flower with THCa powder for a highly elevated smoking experience. SoCal Gas is providing a potent combination of cannabinoids, offering both the effects of THC from the flower and oil, as well as potential therapeutic benefits from the THCa. SoCal Gas is here to elevate your cannabis experience with these Ultra Moonrocks.

3.5 grams of flower in each jar, this luxurious product will leave you with a dazzling experience that promises transcendence.

You can smoke SoCal Gas Ultra Moonrocks like you would any other nug, by breaking it up into a joint, bowl, or pipe.

THCa is an inactive compound, while THC is active. THCa becomes THC when you burn or heat up marijuana. THCa is present in live, raw, freshly harvested cannabis, while THC comes from processed cannabis. So essentially SoCal Gas just took your experience to the next level!


  • Exotic Indoor Flower
  • HIGH THC levels
  • Cat 3 Distillate Oil
  • Dusted in THCa
  • 3.5g Grams in a glass container with a cork lid