* SpOregon Genetics* 10cc Liquid culture syringe kit

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In oregon we have access to some of the rarest genetics. Our goal is to spread that around. With your 10cc syringe of your choice of genetics, we will include:
*1 full syringe 10cc+

*1 all in one grow bag

*A list of instructions and techniques

*Direct consultations

*enough substrate to make one bag

* 1 agar filled petri dish
—You will need to choose your own grain. Brown rice is a typical go to. Tampenesis love rye berry though.

  • tips and tricks will include how to expand your liquid culture supply. and how to build and use a still air box. Soon there will be at least 20 different isolated genetics to pick from. All genetics are mutants. All highly more potent than your average cubensis/ Jedi mf/ Steel mags.
  • I will giveĀ  instructions for inoculating and fruiting in other environments if you decide not to use the grow bag.
  • Consultation will be available via a free Patreon account disclosed upon purchase of kit.
  • access to special Discord server