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Magic truffles are pretty easy. Each syringe can make 5 jars or be expanded into a master culture for much further use. Here is a step by step.

*= needed

*Mason jar

*Open Flame

*70% isopropyl alcohol

*Paper towels

*3 Months


  1. Pasteurize  the kit provided grain in a wide mouth mason jar (Lid upside down so it doesn’t seal).
  2.  Remove from heat and cover jar with alcohol soaked paper towel (70% is best)
  3. Let jar cool at room temp for 24 hours
  4. Take provided syringe, wipe very well with alcohol, expose to open flame until red hot, rewipe on alcohol soaked paper towel and leave covered.
  5. Spray the jar and paper towel that was used to cover the jar for 24 hours, soak it and wipe all around the unopened jar.
  6. Using the paper towel as a cover, open the jar, Pull out syringe, poking through the paper towel, dump the syringe entirely into the jar and close until finger tight and then back off just a hair
  7. Sclerotia (Magic Truffles/philosophers stones) are resilient. The strain provided is Chocolate Krinkle Brain. Which won last years psilocybin cup.
  8. CKB is a very hard strain to come by  and well worth the wait. ***Guaranteed success!




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Mad Hatter, Jack Frost, Blue Waffle Shakti, King Enygma (revert), Tampenesis


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