Sweet Releaf Comfort+ Extra Strength-1oz. – 310mg

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BV: 25

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Sweet Releaf Comfort + Extra Strength Cannabis-Infused Body Butter Topical

For Pain and Inflammation 14:1 THC:CBD. 310mg THC, 21mg CBD.

Also available in 2oz., 50ml, and 100ml sizes.

It all started when a loved one got in a serious accident. We watched her suffer through so much pain during numerous surgeries and a running list of pharmaceutical band-aids that did more harm than good.

Sweet Releaf™ was born out of necessity. Traditional salves and balms were too hard, sticky and stinky and not potent enough. We set to work to create the most effective and enjoyable cannabis topical. Along the way, and with tons of feedback and testimonials, we have discovered that Sweet Releaf™ helps a diversity of painful ailments.

We believe in the healing power of plants, specifically how the human endocannabinoid system communicates with the compounds found in cannabis. We like to call it ‘Intelligent Medicine.’

For those with chronic conditions that need extra pain management, we’ve significantly increased potency for faster-acting, superior relief. Comfort + is carefully formulated with superior ingredients, infused with full spectrum  terpene-rich cannabis using a synergistic 14:1 ratio of THC to CBD and enhanced with our proprietary blend of therapeutic grade essential oils to provide soothing pain relief.

Topicals are non-psychoactive (because the cannabinoids do not enter the bloodstream), our THC-rich body butters are crafted with care to deeply sooth and nourish your skin, through a formulation of aloe vera, organic coconut, shea, cocoa butter and more.

Comfort + won’t get you high and it can restore balance from painful conditions within minutes.

Hand-crafted from the start.

We started in a grandmother’s kitchen combining the best ingredients we could find and perfecting a secret essential oil combination to stimulate the senses. We specifically chose to use a high concentration of raw cannabis trichomes, the most potent source of healing, pure cannabinoids and essential oils for pain. We meant business.

Initially, we only set out to bring some relief to our loved one. Well, we discovered it did more than that. Her pain receded in a big way. She was able to get off morphine, fentanyl and a host of other drugs that were making daily life miserable. Our friends and family raved about it. We decided to call our alchemy in a jar, Sweet Releaf™.

Product Philosophy

It Works!

Above all else, our unique cannabis-based topicals must be effective. Providing you with quick relief from a variety of ailments like inflammation, chronic pain, skin conditions, etc.

All Natural and Cruelty Free

Every ingredient in our products is clean and pure, because we care about what we put in our skin and our bodies. We source organic ingredients and choose not to use Emu oil, as much of its production is inhumane. A better alternative, we think, is the aloe vera, coconut oil and cocoa butter blend that is oh-so-heavenly for the skin while deeply penetrating to deliver medicine where it is needed.

Ingredients: Aloe vera juice, organic shea butter, cetearyl alcohol and cetearyl glucoside (ECOSERT), organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, organic kokum butter, therapeutic grade essential oils (organic cinnamon, organic sweet orange, organic frankincense organic clove and white camphor), full spectrum cannabis, MCT oil, sunflower lecithin, benyzl alcohol, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate (ECOSERT), xanthan gum and candelilla.

Sweet Releaf  may soothe many conditions like:


  • moderate, severe and chronic pain
  • arthritis and joint pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • headaches
  • muscle tension and soreness
  • post-surgery


  • inflammation
  • swelling and bruising
  • sprains and strains
  • knots and tension
  • sore muscles
  • circulation

Skin Conditions

  • dermatitis
  • psoriasis
  • eczema
  • shingles
  • pressure sores


  • getting off / staying off pharmaceuticals
  • insect bites
  • stings
  • burns
  • menstrual cramps
  • fungal infections

Typically provides relief within 5 minutes. Effects last for hours or days. Reapply as needed for pain.

Please Note: Organic materials may separate in heat during travel. Just mix and continue use. Please store in a cool dry place. Product may be refrigerated. Thank you!

Additional information

Weight 2.7 oz

1oz, 1.69oz (50ml), 2oz, 3.38oz (100ml)


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