Visions of Liberty – Sativa 1/4 oz

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BV: 40



Total THC: 20.100% ((THCA*0.877)+THC)

Total CBD: 0.000% ((CBDA*0.877)+CBD)

Total Cannabinoid Content by weight: 23.24% [22.480% THC+THCA | 0.00% CBD+CBDA | 0.762% CBGA+CBG | 0.000% CBC | 0.000%  THCV]

Desert King Organics presents:

Visions of Liberty

Embark on a journey through time and consciousness with the illustrious cannabis strain, “Visions of Liberty.” Inspired by the ethereal musings of George Washington’s Vision, this extraordinary strain offers an elevated experience, transcending the boundaries of ordinary perception. As you indulge, the essence of freedom unfolds within your mind as you savor a kaleidoscope of flavors. The dense, trichome-laden buds glisten like stars in the night sky. With each exhale, a symphony of piney and woody undertones resonates. “Visions of Liberty” invites you to savor the essence of enlightenment, as you partake in a strain that embodies the pursuit of freedom’s sweet embrace. This strain is a cross between the George Washington’s Vision phenotype of Space Force, and a mystery strain.

Desert King Organics utilizes conscientious esoteric cultivation practices, embracing sustainable organic methods. A commitment to shunning synthetic chemical fertilizers as well as pesticides & herbicides throughout the cultivation process ensures that our products stand as a beacon of natural health for consumers. Our cannabis is grown in harmony with nature and thus offers a more ecological and environmentally friendly alternative to other cannabis brands. This sets us apart from competitors, exemplifying a dedication to purity and well-being in every harvest.

1/4oz (7 grams+) Premium Organic Flower



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