5A – Perspectives

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CannaSense is about Patient Access.

Our mission is education on the responsible use of medical cannabis and the fight to protect those who need it most.

As you explore our site and visit your account take the time to visit these pages:

Interviews with Members of CannaSense:

420 Rally in Atlanta – April 20, 2017

*** Please note the phone number for the collective has changed to 1-833-633-4208  ***


Interview with Neil Schloss, CFO (interview starts at 48:28)

RADIANT CREATORS Interview with Daniel Louis Crumpton

FREEMAN T.V. Interview with Daniel Louis Crumpton

LIGHTING THE VOID Interview with Daniel Louis Crumpton

Interested in medical cannabis as a treatment option?

100 Clinical Studies that prove Cannabis kills Cancer

Over 100 Scientific Studies Agree: Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

Testimonials from Medical Cannabis Patients

Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis

Cannabis and Fibromyalgia

Cannabis and Depression

Interested in joining CannaSense for the Caregiver business opportunity?